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Job costing is another product we did some years ago that if you’re an average size company and battling to keep track of how long jobs take to get done, then Jobcost is your solution. Its nothing new by any standards and everything that is in it is also found in many other software packages. What makes Jobcost unique is that we wrote it specifically to extract live stats per job allowing us to see in real time if too much stock was booked out on the job or if the quoted number of hours is getting close to the currently working hours, enabling management to catch a job before it goes over the quoted time frame. It will show you who is logged into which job via a small program on the task bar that pops up every now and then when someone either clocks in / out of a job. Job clocking gets done via a touch screen, although not necessary to have the touch functionality, it has its uses! There is the usual stock control system that when booking too much material out onto a job that it will raise an error and interrupt the process until a manager can sign off that its an acceptable change to the quoted amount. Jobcost is in its third re-write currently and beta testing has started. We anticipate a public release hopefully in the second quarter of this year and a final release end of the year. Its main current features are:

  • Assessment of job to be done.
  • Quotation.
  • Allocate job no. upon go ahead from client.
  • Stock control, with intelligence.
  • Time and attendance.
  • Touch screen job clocking in / out.
  • Live reporting & Adherence to plan display.
  • Easy to see at a glance where in the process a job currently is.
  • SQL database backend so can be installed as a cloud service for safe data.

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