Business Competition


Everyone is saying the software business is more competitive now than ever before! I see it differently, and the way I see it is the way it’s always been and always going to be. There will always be an equal ratio of builder, engineers, IT experts, criminals, poor people ect … and this is how it’s always been, although the population has been a lot less, the ratio was always there. The reason I believe we all seem more competitive is because we are more on the spotlight for the world to see us, and this is through social media and the internet. We are now so much more aware of our competitors than ever before, giving us the impression that everyone is our competitors! We all have a natural tendency to be ahead of the game and to go spy on our opposition, again making us think that they are everywhere! I have a few other software dev businesses in the city that we live in that I have never bumped into, and probably never will. The truth is that there will always be food on the table for everyone to enjoy. Work hard, play hard, life gives to those who seek, and that’s how it was since the beginning.


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